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Remote bevelling

Foto Remote bevelling


Filab on-Line is Filab’s new APP that enables its customers to easily manage their orders. Our APP leverages the most recent CLOUD computing technologies and the power of Windows systems and the web

Remote shaping

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Our APP is compatible with the most popular commercial tracing systems and can read even OMA files, in addition to using the templates available in our database.
The built-in CAD enables to change any type of shape; add, move and delete holes for glasant eyewear; level templates acquired from a filter. All operations are easy to perform

Calculation of the diameter and optimization of the surfaces

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The lens diameter is automatically optimised from the template data. For this reason, the application also provides a table of sample templates, useful both to optimise the calculation of the diameter and the processing of Free Form lenses. Calculation of thickness values: we are able to provide the thickness calculations for every point of the template. You will be able to check whether it is possible to apply a specific diameter to the centre, sides or hole.

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Filab on-Line also enables to search the order history, regardless of whether the orders have been entered via the Web or by phone or fax by a Filab operator. It also enables to query the progress of an order or its history

Automatic UPDATE

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The system automatically detects the new version and automatically runs the update at the first opportunity