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Filab fast Accurate

Fast and accurate

Production methods, state-of-the-art equipment, and innovative software allow Filab to devote particular attention to the manufacture of lenses and treatments. The processes implemented offer the advantage of fast turnovers and deliveries.

Filab best Service

The best services

Filab is a certified company and is therefore able to apply the procedures fine tuned during the certification process to manufacturing methods and services.

Filab problem Solving

A solution to all problems

Filab is close to opticians to allow them to fully meet their customers' expectations. Opticians may ask advice on the choice of the type of lens, materials and treatments to apply to lenses, depending on the daily lifestyle of their customers.

Filab info Online

Online Info

Filab is always ready to reply to any query both through its online site and by phone. Our personnel is highly experienced on all Filab's line and will help you to order products, ask for explanations on the materials to use and on logistics.


Photocromatic Infinite Grey Nupolar®

Filab offers the new infinite gray Nupolar® lenses. The most versatile polarizing sunglasses and vision lenses for dynamic and sporting lifestyle habits.


Per chi conduce una vita molto dinamica sia a livello informatico sia all'aria aperta in estate ed inverno è necessaria un' adeguata protezione. FILAB ha ideato le nuovissime lenti  UV-PROTETTA® per ridurre al minimo gli effetti delle radiazioni ultraviolette e garantire la massima protezione in ambienti esterni e interni.

Chroma Blue-Light Block treatment

The best protection treatment for indoor.
Wear Chroma Blue-Light Block® lenses  is essential to guard against radiation of the blue-violet light,  considered harmful to the inside that to the outside of our eye  system.

Performance 400 treatment

Performance400® is the best of the treatments on the market, it exceeds the levels of total protection fromUV, cutting all the radiation up to 400nm.

Progressive lenses Evolute ®

Progressive lenses made with digital design with variables curvatures along the outer surface, greatly increase the zone of near vision, intermediate vision and far vision, allowing the wearer a greater visual comfort never achieved until now.


New corrective prescription lenses to retrieve visual freedom from 30 cm to 3 meters. Made with FreeForm® technology this lenses have_ 6 different powers of degression and allow you to focus on different distances in their work environment and at home without taking away and put his glasses.

lenses photo selective FLOOX ®

FLOOX® lenses are recommended for those who practice an outdoor sport, for those who require a high eye protection and for people suffering from eye diseases. The classification of the cut of the lenses is guaranteed with a tolerance of less than 5%.

Filab Mani, Mente e Cuore Italiani

The Italian origin of our lenses and treatments is guaranteed and certified. To this purpose, over the last few years we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and software, and devoted maximum attention to personnel training and the selection of worldwide know-how. Results are extraordinary: today, Filab products guarantee Italian quality with solid technological contents at excellent prices.


Filab srl is registered under the list of manufacturers of customized medical devices as no. ITCA01031684 of the Ministry of Health. Filab’s personnel is always ready to answer further queries.